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Roller Coaster Water Spout

water spout

Water Spout

Location: Cedar Point, Sandusky, Ohio

Date: Unknown

Photographer: Dean Schley


Golden Moon


Golden Moon

Location: Mars, Pennsylvania

Date: 04-26-02

Photographer: Arlene Geibel

Sunset Storm

Super cell thunderstorm

2 minute exposure of a super cell thunderstorm. The tornado sirens at Sheppard Air Force Base were sounded when the 80+ mph winds hit the base. Notice the inflow of the clouds into the bottom of the super cell…

Location: Wichita Falls, Texas

Date: May 2000

Photographer: Mark Papak

Smile in the Snow

Smile in the snow

This picture was taken early Sunday Morning, the 2nd of March 2003 after several weeks of higher than average snow above Dillon Reservoir. The reservoir is far below the level it should be because of the severe drought in Colorado. It looks like the mountains are rejoicing and enjoying the new thick blanket of snow.

Photographer: Janell Brauer, Middle School Teacher

The Sacre Couer

The Sacre Couer

The Sacre Couer in Paris, France (late afternoon)…it was almost 105 outside and the sky was this incredable blue-gray color with wispy white clouds looming about the cathedral.

Hale-Bopp Comet


Hale-Bopp Comet over Pilot Mountain

Location: Pilot Mountain, North Carolina

Date: 03-29-97

Photographer: Chuck Hemrick

F4 Tornado


F4 tornado that destroyed Manchester, SD. Winds were clocked at just under 260mph. This tornado occurred during a tornado outbreak that tied the record for the most tornadoes on that date. The NWS office of Sioux falls reported unofficially between 50-60 tornadoes that touched down in an 8 hour span.

Date: 06-24-03

Photographer: Scott Everhart

Alaska Sun

Sunset in Alaska

Sunset in Talkeetna Alaska on Susitna River 60 miles from Mt McKinley.

Date: 12-27-03

Photographer: Dean Schley

Arizona Ice

Ice on radio tower

Iced Radio Tower on Mount Bigalow. 1983 brought record rains and snowfall for much of Arizona. One such snow storm created this iced pattern on this tower. The ice was often eight to ten inches thick on these metal braces. You can tell the direction of the wind by the pattern in the ice.

Location: Catalina Mountains just north of Tucson, Arizona

Date: March, 1983

Photographer: Robert Spitzer


Lightning Over Dallas

Dallas Storm

Several captures of lightning taken during a night time storm over Dallas, Texas.

Date: 07-10-03

Photographer: James Langford


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