Smile in the Snow

Smile in the snow

This picture was taken early Sunday Morning, the 2nd of March 2003 after several weeks of higher than average snow above Dillon Reservoir. The reservoir is far below the level it should be because of the severe drought in Colorado. It looks like the mountains are rejoicing and enjoying the new thick blanket of snow.

Photographer: Janell Brauer, Middle School Teacher

One thought on “Smile in the Snow”

  1. Kristy Posted on My husband and I had our brand new llitte digital camera pick pocketed in a train station Florence during our European Backpacking adventure-honeymoon. We lost most of our Italy pictures and some of Paris. It was cute and blue and waterproof. For the rest of our trip we bought disposable cameras, so the pictures are reminiscent of a 90 s summer camp album.

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