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Tornado Over Chicago

Tornado over Chicago.

Date: 08-04

Photographer: David Wilson


Sunset At Sioux Falls

Sunset At Sioux Falls

Thunderstorms at sunset

Thunderstorms at sunset (the orange color is real– the photo is as-taken, no alteration!)

Location: Wichita, Kansas

Date: 07-09-03

Photographer: Chris Hausfeld


A rainbow over Niagara Falls.

Location: Niagara Falls, Canada

July, 2001

Photographer: Larisa Maldonado

F4 Tornado

This is one of many photos I took of the Tornado as it was making its destructive and devastating path through the Kansas city area. At the time this picture was taken the tornado had reached F-4 status!!!

Location: Parkville, Missouri

Date: 05-04-03

Photographer: Michelle D. Babick

Waves of Naples

Sunset at Naples Beach

Naples, Florida


Photographer: Diandra Dellucci

Comet Hayukate

comet hayukate

comet hayukate

Clear night, time exposed photo of Comet Hayukate through the tree in my back yardRural Hall, North Carolina


Photographer: Chuck Hemrick


Moonrise across the head of Gulf St Vincent from Port Clinton. Unusually calm waters due to a very calm day.

Port Clinton looking East, North East towards Port Wakefield.

Photographer: Craig Watson, Adelaide, South Australia

Olympic Sunset

Pinatubo sky – crepuscular rays in volcanic aerosols over Washington’s Puget Sound and Olympic Mountains.

Lightning Over Australia

Lightning Pakenham, Australia.02-11-02

Photographer: Lindsay Knowles

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