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Edmonton, Canada

Date: 07-11-04, 3:30pm

Photographer: Vlad G Pohnert


Flooded Autumn Trees

Location: Pine City, Minnesota

Date: 06-30-03
Photographer: Joan Soles

Athens Snow

It is taken from the southern suburbs of the city on 5/1/2002 during a severe snowstorm.The reason why this picture is unique is obvious: It is very rare to have about 40cm of snow in the southern suburbs of a city near the meditteranean sea.We have snow every winter but not so much and so intense.The last time this area had such an amount of snow was 50 years ago,while in the northern suburbs of the city snow exceeded even 3 or 4 meters that day!

Location: Athens, Greece

Photographer: Christos Ntountoulakis.

Oklahoma Tornado

Tornado pops out of a wall cloud in large supercell

Location: Alfalfa, Oklahoma

Date: May 22, 1981

Credit: NOAA Photo Library

Orange Sunset

Mars Moon

Golden MoonLocation: Mars, Pennsylvania

Date: 04-26-02

Photographer: Arlene Geibel

Trees after the storm

It had been storming all afternoon with heavy rain, thunder and lightning as the system moved from SW to NE. Around 7:30 pm there was a break, the late afternoon sun shown over the ridge on the horizon looking due West from my yard revealing the rising heavy mist below the ridge. Soon the storms resumed. Taken with a PowerShot S100. Location: South of Bakersville, North Carolina, in Mitchell County. Date: 04-30-03. Photographer: Doug Sudduth.

Argentinian Sunset

The picture of this scenic, high-altitude sunset was taken during a 1994-1995 scientific expedition to a semidesert, high-altitude and unexplored area of the province of Catamarca in the Argentinian Andes.
Location: Argentina
Date: 01-95
Photographer: Claudio De Felice

Winter Coat on Ben Nevis

Location: Ben Nevis from Corpach, Scotland

Date: 12-19-04

Photographer: J A Cameron


Rainbow with reflection over an Oklahoma wheatfield

Date: May 22, 1976 Credit: NOAA Photo Library

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