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Snow Blue

Snowblue- presents a contrast by the backlighted deep blue ky against the snow covered limbs of a crab apple tree after a wet, 5 inch snow in the northern mountains of western North Carolina.

Location: South of Bakersville, North Carolina

Date: 02-08-03

Photographer: Doug Sudduth


Cold Air Funnel Cloud

This is a cold air funnel cloud I happened to catch on my way home from work.

Location: Breese, Illinois

Date: 06-13-03

Photographer: Mark Hellige

Multiple Lightning

Mulitple cloud to ground and cloud to cloud lightning strikes from thunderstorm

Orange Thunderstorm

Thunderstorm clouds dissipating at sunset

Night Storm Clouds

Night sky, storm coming in.

Location: Madera, California
Date: March, 2003
Photographer: Linda Wisener

Storm Cloud



A storm that made its way through our area in June.

Location: Shakopee, Minnesota

Date: June, 2003

Photographer: Christina Bowker

Sunset on the Great Salt Lake

North end of The Great Salt Lake, Utah.

River was exposed due to drought. Lake is 15 feet below normal level.

Location: The Great Salt Lake, Utah

Date: November, 200

Photographer: Christopher Howeth

Texas Lightning


Lightning storm that took place in Manvel, Texas on August 8th 2003

Photographer: Angela Delsi

St. Elmo’s Fire

A photograph of the phenomenon known as St. Elmo’s Fire…St. Elmo’s Fire: Luminous greenish or bluish glow above pointed objects on the ground. Named for the patron saint of sailors, St. Elmo’s Fire is created by the soft glow of an electric field generated by a continuous flow of tiny sparks. The tiny sparks are postive charges reaching skyward in response to a growing area of negative charge in the clouds or air above. Instead of generating a lightning strike, the corona discharge, as it’s called, flees objects such the masts of ships, power poles, radio and TV antennas or towers, and the wings of aircraft, causing the glow. If a thunderstorm is nearby, St. Elmo’s Fire might precede a lightning strike close by.

Location: Columbia, South Carolina

Date: 07-10-03

Photographer: Cary Allen, Former Chief Meteorologist, WACH-TV

Circular Cloud

Circular cloud over Country Club Plaza.

Location: Kansas City, Missouri

Date: 05-06-03

Photographer: J. Howard Kim

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