Texas Lightning


Lightning storm that took place in Manvel, Texas on August 8th 2003

Photographer: Angela Delsi

One thought on “Texas Lightning”

  1. Found this site because I have just expreienced green lightning! We’re having a wind & rain storm, and I was passing near Olympic Stadium in Hoquiam, Washington and thought perhaps someone was setting fireworks off somewhere (this does occur there on holidays). The flash seemed too large and silent for fireworks. I was headed west at the time. But when I arrived at home in Aberdeen a long green flash occurred just as I stepped out of the car to the west. Again, no sound except the wind whistling through the powerlines and the rain. No mistaking it for fireworks. It reminded me of the silent cloud-to-cloud lightning I’ve seen in Austin, Texas except this filled the entire sky, seemingly. ~~ crowblog

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