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Tornado tracks of the April 27-28, 2011 tornado outbreak

Bright reds, oranges and yellows show tracks of where rotation was strongest as detected by NWS Doppler radars during the April 27-28, 2011 tornado outbreak. - click to enlarge

NOAA’s preliminary estimate is that there were 211 tornadoes on April 27-28, 2011. Read the rest of this entry


Tornado tracks seen from space

Brown Gashes on an Otherwise Green Earth - click to enlarge this image.

Mike Smith of Wichita, KS based Weatherdata Inc. submits this image of tornado tracks from the April 26-28 tornado outbreak near Birmingham, AL Read the rest of this entry

EF5 Tornado hits Tuscaloosa, AL

SKY CAM Footage of the Tuscaloosa Tornado on April 27th 2011

Dangerous storm system in the southeast USA

Click to enlarge - warning large image 3600 x 3000 pixels


A low pressure area currently over northern Illinois and southern Wisconsin has created conditions that call for a forecast of severe weather in the eastern third of the U.S. today and one area is even labeled “high risk.” The GOES-13 Satellite captured a visible image of the system today as daytime heating was boiling up strong and severe thunderstorms. Read the rest of this entry

Severe Weather Hits the South

A Line of Severe Storms Across the Eastern U.S.

Infrared imagery from the GOES-East satellite shows a line of severe storms moving across the Eastern U.S. The National Weather Service has issued severe thunderstorm watches and warnings for many parts of New York through Virginia, flash flood advisories throughout much of the South, and gale warnings along Lake Superior. This colorized infrared image was taken on April 26, 2011 at 1815z.

View A Line of Severe Storms Across the Eastern U.S. – High Resolution Version

Orange Thunderhead

Thunderhead highlighted by sun setting

North Liberty, IA

Terra, the water planet, our home

The Water Planet

Viewed from space, the most striking feature of our planet is the water. In both liquid and frozen form, it covers 75% of the Earth’s surface. It fills the sky with clouds. Water is practically everywhere on Earth, from inside the planet’s rocky crust to inside the cells of the human body. Read the rest of this entry

New Orleans at Night

Downtown New Orleans at night.

Location: New Orleans, Louisiana

Date: 03-21-02

Photographer: Jim Kirk

Nevada in April

Carson Valley in April.

Location: Genoa, Nevada

Date: 04-14-04

Photographer: Victor Parker

Turkish Sunset

Autumn, just after the rain

Anatolian side of Istanbul, Moda Pier….

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