Waterspout in Australia

Dramatic footage filmed from a helicopter by Australia’s Channel 7 shows a series of powerful waterspouts near the coastal suburb of Terrigal, on Australia’s New South Wales coast. Several powerful columns of swirling air could be seen blasting along the water’s surface near the coastline. Channel 7 claimed the spouts reached heights of up to 600 metres (nearly two thousand feet), but dissipated as they neared land. The natural wonders came as strong winds and heavy rain also lashed other parts of the state, causing flash flooding and traffic chaos in Sydney. Watch video:

5 thoughts on “Waterspout in Australia”

  1. Ive seen this on tv and its like a thin hurricane form in the mid air. How ironically its beautiful but somehow it could be devastating for us.

  2. Waterspouts are mostly harmless. You can fly a small plane through them as they don’t have the sort of winds of a tornado. They are perhaps slightly more energetic than a dust devil.

  3. Hey Anthony
    I’m very tired with all the continuing lies from the AGW crowd so thanks for thanks for these great weather events.
    I find it awe inspiring watching nature at work. I was watching this footage and thought wouldn’t want to be sailing just there and then read your comment. I still wouldn’t want to be sailing near one of those things. Watching the waterfalls blowing upwards suggests one should have stayed in port anyway.
    Thanks Anthony I look forward to showing my kids this new site of yours.
    Cheers JJ

  4. Waterspouts aren’t totally harmless. They can be very damaging! I wouldn’t be flying a plane through a waterspout. You really can’t assume that the winds are weaker than a tornado. They can have winds of a weaker tornado. If a waterspout can flip a boat, it can definitely mess up a plane. Trust me, I forecasted for mega yachts for over 4 years and waterspouts can be very dangerous!

  5. Some decades back a 4 engine turbo prop Vickers Viscount crashed after take off from Sydney into Botany Bay. All lives were lost. There was no weather radar then. The investigation concluded that the plane had hit such a water spout.

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