Guess the location

Hint – somewhere in the USA

A park worker measures a 22-foot snowdrift in May near the bus terminus for Trail Ridge Road in Rocky Mountain National Park. (Rocky Mountain National Park)

h/t Alek Komarnitsky

8 thoughts on “Guess the location”

  1. Yep, Trail Ridge Road. I spent a long weekend camping in Rocky Mountain National Park this last weekend, and couldn’t get to half the park.
    I was interesting to walk to Bear Lake in shirtsleeves and on snow. The trail signs were ankle high because the snow was so deep.
    On the other hand, we saw a bull moose in Sprague Lake, where we have never seen them before.

  2. one thing I learned while living in CO (1999-2003) is that the heaviest snows come in the spring – usually on the weekends 😉

  3. The drought caused by global warming this year has water content of the mountain snowpack at up to 250% of normal. Somebody forgot to tell Al Gore, Michael Mann and Steven Jones that it’s supposed to decrease, not increase.

  4. Ron said, “The trouble with our liberal friends is not that they’re ignorant; it’s that they know so much that isn’t so.”

  5. So I guess the drought/wildfires in AZ, TX, and other southern-tier states don’t exist because of tremendous snowfalls in the Rockies, Sierra, Wasatch, etc. (and a banner snowfall year here in New England, which I enjoyed to the max)

    Do you people even listen to yourselves?

  6. Just for the record, the winter snow that accumulated 2010 to 2011 was exceptional beyond the memory of most of us who have lived in Colorado. I have been visiting the Indian Peaks and Isabell “Glacier” for the past 17 years. On the 4th of July I took video of a climb that required us to use ice axes and crampons on a trail that would have required neither. We walked on snow a full thirty or fourty feet deep over the trail. I doubt I will ever see anything like it again in my lifetime.

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