Twin Tornadoes on the Ground!

coker_dual_tornadoesStunning photo of dual tornadoes within a mile of each other on June 16th, 2014

Photo taken by stormchaser Matt Coker.

You have to see this to believe it!

Full size photo below:



Near Wisner, Nebraska, 6/16/2014 Photo by Matt Coker.

Part of this storm system in NE Nebraska:


4 thoughts on “Twin Tornadoes on the Ground!”

  1. I grew up in this region… Exciting and scary feelings collide . And every person would rather deal with this than earthquakes in California . It’s all about perspective . I prefer the earthquakes living here in central Ca.

  2. I have seen a large tornado with satellite tornadoes before; they are not that rare (at least in Oklahoma). The satellites usually do not last long.

    This one seems like two large independent tornados – that would be rare. If it is two big ones, I wonder if they are rotating in the same direction or counter to each other? A few percent of tornadoes rotate clockwise instead of counter-clockwise. Doppler anyone?

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