Thousand Mile Shadows

Clouds casting thousand-mile shadows when viewed from the International Space Station

Photo Credit: NASA

Click for larger image.

One thought on “Thousand Mile Shadows”

  1. This looks like an adjusted image slipped in to see who was awake.
    1. The length of the shadows seems too great, given the curvature shown at top, meaning the clouds would be below the horizon when you look back from their lengthy paths.
    2. Not all clouds give paths. Why not?
    3. All clouds with paths seem to give near-linear paths. But those viewed obliquely, those off to one side or another, should have curved paths.
    4. Cloud shadows seem to commence immediately below clouds. They should start with an offset, unless the clouds almost touch the surface. Then, if they did nearly touch the surface, they would not cast a long shadow.
    It does not gel Geoff.

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