Space Weather over Tasmania

Space Weather:

A very rare “Proton Arc” and “tiger Stripes” over Ross, Tasmania, Australia.

“STEVE” lights up Scorpios beneath the galactic centre. The middle of the frame is due west!

Shot on historic Roseneath, between 10:30 and 12:30pm on 15th – 16/08/2015.

Photo Credit: Scott Bennett

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Thunderstorm over Mainz, Germany

Thunderstorm over Mainz, Germany, taken 07/10/2014, 19:00. It was a dramatic looking situation. F4.0 -1/320 – ISO 100 – Foc. L. 70mm

Photo Credit: Krishna Gans

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Victoria, Australia Sunset

Early morning sunrise, taken on the 29th December, 2016. I was driving down to a cycling event near Lara, Victoria, Australia, when I saw this stunning sunrise! I stopped and took some photos with my Nexus 5X phone.  This is one where I zoomed in a bit more to try and capture the deep red colors.

Photo Credit: Rob Leviston

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