English Sunset Over the Water

Took a lovely long walk along Nottingham Trent Bridge just in time for last nights Sunset! This is my own photo I have taken.

Photo Credit: Christina

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Interesting Cloud With Feathers

Hereby a picture of a special feather-structured cloud with the sun shining through it. The little cloud left below is a remnant of an ‘airplane produced trail’. The picture is made about 20 km from Schiphol Airport, Amsterdam, the Netherlands, today around midday. The cloud was more or less above my head. Today was a day with more feather-structured high clouds in the air, quite different from the straight trails made by airplanes.
Perhaps the picture is suited for your ‘Picture of the Day’ series.
Photo Credit: Wim Röst, The Netherlands
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Mammatus Clouds in France

Beautiful example of mammatus clouds in Cap Ferret France, on the evening of July 1 2018. Cap Ferret is on the atlantic coast of France, on the Arcachon bay, near the city of Bordeaux. I have been coming here all my life and never seen anything like these. Within a couple of hours of these clouds showing up, a line of very strong thunderstorms with very powerful cloud to ground lighting (“la foudre” in french) passed over Cap Ferret and the Arcachon bay, both amazing natural displays

Photo Credit: Thierry Copie

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