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2017 Eclipse From Wyoming

2017 Eclipse, Wyoming. You can see a star in this photo to the left of the sun/moon.

Photo Credit: Kristi Silber

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Space Weather over Tasmania

Space Weather:

A very rare “Proton Arc” and “tiger Stripes” over Ross, Tasmania, Australia.

“STEVE” lights up Scorpios beneath the galactic centre. The middle of the frame is due west!

Shot on historic Roseneath, between 10:30 and 12:30pm on 15th – 16/08/2015.

Photo Credit: Scott Bennett

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Gorgeous Time Exposure

This is a striking time exposure shot that includes the Milky Way and a Lightning Storm.  From the photographer: “Here it is! Friday nights lightning storm over Batchawana Bay. I’ve been wanting to shoot an image like this for a really long time. So happy everything came together for this”!

Photo Credit: Jeff Dixon

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