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Mammatus Clouds Over Arizona

Mammatus clouds.  Taken 9-3-18 looking north at sunset from the Rincon Valley in Pima County AZ

Photo Credit: tamargladtidings

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Mammatus Clouds in France

Beautiful example of mammatus clouds in Cap Ferret France, on the evening of July 1 2018. Cap Ferret is on the atlantic coast of France, on the Arcachon bay, near the city of Bordeaux. I have been coming here all my life and never seen anything like these. Within a couple of hours of these clouds showing up, a line of very strong thunderstorms with very powerful cloud to ground lighting (“la foudre” in french) passed over Cap Ferret and the Arcachon bay, both amazing natural displays

Photo Credit: Thierry Copie

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Mammatus Clouds Over Casper, Wyoming

While this is an older image that I actually took while still using film, it’s one of the best photos I have of mammatus clouds. It was taken many years ago, north of Casper, Wyoming. I find clouds fascinating and am always taking pictures of the more interesting ones.

Photo Credit: Sheri Kimbrough

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