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Eclipse Through the Overcast

While many wanted clear skies to view the eclipse, I found that the overcast skies here in Lynn Haven Florida gave me a great opportunity to take a couple pictures without special camera lens or skills… other than trying to hold the camera steady!

Photo Credit: Dennis

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Interesting Cloud Formation

I took this photo north of Fulton, MO August 21st at approx. 7:45 pm. A very unique cloud formation. There were storms approaching from the west and this shot was taken looking northwest.

Photo Credit:  Deborah J. Lucia

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Stunning Frontal Cloud at Sea

frontcloud This frontal cloud formed from a  northeast wind shift and lifting of humid ocean air enough to cool it below the dewpoint. Taken about 5 miles offshore of Seaside Heights New Jersey, 8am May 14th, 2014

This photo  was taken by commercial fishermen Michael Wark on his boat.


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