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Fog in the Valley

This picture was taken after a glorious day of snowshoeing up the Strawberry Pass, Rossland BC. This picture is from the Strawberry Pass looking across the valley.

Photo Credit: Teresa Drebinger

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Interesting Arch in the Fog

The picture was taken on October 29, 2018 at 8:55 am. It was a foggy morning in Victoria Texas and the surrounding counties. I saw this arch that looks like a rainbow shape but made from what I assume is fog. This picture was taken in the outskirts of Yoakum, Texas.

Photo Credit: Rudy M Perez

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Saturn V in the Fog

Saturn V model standing up up next to the restored flight article (one of only 2 still in existence) in the Davidson Center for Space Exploration in Huntsville Alabama. I had the privilege to work with Julian Davidson, one of the pioneer engineers who worked on the NASA space program, a wonderful and kind man.

Photo Credit: Thierry Copie

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