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Death Valley After a Rainstorm

Death Valley California, February 15, 2019; one day after heavy rain (11 mm, 0.43in ~1/4 the average annual precipitation).

Photo Credit: Victoria Marekova

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Rain and Fumaroles Over Soufrière Hills Volcano

Photo location: Montserrat, West Indies

(eastern Caribbean island of Montserrat). Taken with an Ipad from the deck of our live-aboard ketch, Roxy.

Photo taken 14 March 2017

Rain and fumaroles over Soufrière Hills Volcano, 4800 feet. The recent eruption in 2005 made quite a shambles of the south end or Montserrat. The hot summit still vents steaming sulfurous clouds that mix with the constant rain cloud formed over this peak. This photo was shot within the exclusion zone as we cruised past. The pyroclastic ash flow also vents steam.

Photo Credit: Mark Hoenke

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