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Rainbow Over Broken Arrow

Rainbow over South Broken Arrow 9/17/17
Taken with Samsung 7 cell phone

Photo Credit: Kerstin West-Wilson

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Trifecta! Moonrise, Sunrise and Rainbow

This photo captures the incredible essence of what it feels like to be stuck in a velvet Lisa Frank picture! The full moon was still hanging around while a storm passed through right over the rising sun. I feel like I witnessed something truly rare. 

Photo Credit: Lesley Singletary

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Double Rainbow in Brasilia

It was so beautiful.  Shortly after a rainstorm, this double rainbow arced high over this big Digital TV tower in Brasília. (180m)

Nikon D5300 Rokinon 8mm
Photo Credit: Leonardo Caldas

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Awesome rainbow

awesomerainbowThey don’t get much more stunning than this one. Taken by Holly Neil on 8-22-2014 from her back yard in Farmington, New Mexico.

She writes: I thought I saw an angel at the top of the rainbow when I took the photo! At least it’s not on a piece of toast!

Full size photo below.

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Unusual photo: Lightning AND a Rainbow at the same time

RainbowLightningDavid Marrero submits this one:

Sunset rainbow rainbow rays and a lightning strike all in one shot. I used my iPhone 5c
Belle Glade Fl August 7 2014

Thanks David, that’s pretty unique!

Full size image below:

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Rainbow with reflection over an Oklahoma wheatfield

Date: May 22, 1976 Credit: NOAA Photo Library


A rainbow over Niagara Falls.

Location: Niagara Falls, Canada

July, 2001

Photographer: Larisa Maldonado

Fisherman’s Rainbow

Fisherman's Rainbowainbow and rain outside the Fisherman’s harbour.

Date 08.10.2001

Location Utgaardskilen, Hvaler, Norway

Name Trine Sirnes

Rainbow in Kauai


I took this photo from my brother’s doorway on the first morning of my visit summer 2002. During the three weeks I spent there, this picture is the most beautiful.

Location: Hanalei, Kauai, Hawaii

Date: 08-30-02

Photographer: Lucy Lyons

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