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Guess the location

Hint – somewhere in the USA

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Lake effect snowdrifts

Image: Roger Caiazza

Liverpool, NY is in the lake-effect snow belt SE of Lake Ontario.  What that means is whenever the wind flows across the lake if we are lucky it is cloudy and if we are not lucky it snows.  Because the predominant wind in the winter is from the NW snow is common, clear skies are rare.  On February 9, 2011 we had a rare clear day with a reminder of the previous night’s weather when wind-blown snow nearly filled the path with drifts.

Nevada in April

Carson Valley in April.

Location: Genoa, Nevada

Date: 04-14-04

Photographer: Victor Parker

Swedish Storm

Incoming snowstorm

Location: The Baltic Sea, Sweden

Date: 12-31-01

Photographer: Bo Larsson

Snow Blue

Snowblue- presents a contrast by the backlighted deep blue ky against the snow covered limbs of a crab apple tree after a wet, 5 inch snow in the northern mountains of western North Carolina.

Location: South of Bakersville, North Carolina

Date: 02-08-03

Photographer: Doug Sudduth

Canadian Snow

The first winter storm.

Trois-Rivières, Québec


Photographer: Thomas Collin

Athens Snow

It is taken from the southern suburbs of the city on 5/1/2002 during a severe snowstorm.The reason why this picture is unique is obvious: It is very rare to have about 40cm of snow in the southern suburbs of a city near the meditteranean sea.We have snow every winter but not so much and so intense.The last time this area had such an amount of snow was 50 years ago,while in the northern suburbs of the city snow exceeded even 3 or 4 meters that day!

Location: Athens, Greece

Photographer: Christos Ntountoulakis.

North Carolina Storm


North Carolina Storm

The storm we just had was horrible, but the day after was spectacular!

Location: Boone, NC

Date: 12-05-02

Photographer: Kate Hudson


Winter Solstice

Winter Solstice


Winter Snow

Snow on tree

Christmas Day, Pleasant View, Utah. 2002

Photographer: Debbye Boe

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