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Grand Junction Colorado Panorama

Overlooking the valley with Grand Junction, Colorado.
Mt. Garfield is center, with the ‘upper’ Bookcliffs immediately behind and The Battlement Mesa & Mamm Peaks as the background. Photo taken on the Upper Little Park Road on 3-16-2018. I am at the head of Rough Canyon, astride the Glade Park Fault.

Photo Credit: Edward Morris

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Deer Lying in the Snow

Two deer in the snow. One seems to gather more snow than the other. I don’t know the date on this. We have many deer in our yard, but I don’t often see them lay in the snow and get covered.

Photo Credit: Sheri Kimbrough

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Fox in the Snow

Taken on the second day of Spring 2018, during the biggest snowstorm in Northern Virginia in three years. The foxes haven’t been around in daylight for several months. But with this snow, they started showing up several times a day. This girl has just finished a dog biscuit my wife (who took the picture) left out for her. Two of her companions were wandering around off camera.

Photo Credit: Michael Kelly’s Wife

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