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Rain Storm Over Mount Pelee

Photo location: Saint Pierre, Martinique, French West Indies
(eastern Caribbean island of Martinique). Taken with an Ipad from the deck of our live-aboard ketch, Roxy.

Photo taken 23 February 2017

Rain swirls over Mount Pelee. Martinique is one of a string of volcanic islands. Mount Pelee, 4500 feet, at the north end of Martinique’s backbone is one of the highest in the Caribbean. Pelee erupted most recently in 1902, burying the town of Saint Pierre, 30,000 population. The lone survivor was a prisoner in the drunk tank according to legend.

The high mountains cause near constant rains from the persistent easterly trade winds. The high elevations are tropical rain forests. A hike to Pelee’s summit from Saint Pierre is an aggressive long day of climbing.

Photo Credit: Mark Hoenke

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Awesome Storm Front

I stage manage the Beer Garden stage at Navy Pier. Today (9/3/18 Labor Day) at 2:30pm this storm front rolled in. Taken from my LG Nexus Android phone.

Photo Credit: Justin Amolsch

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