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2017 Eclipse Baily’s Beads

…….and finally, this is the third submittal of the 2017 total solar eclipse on August 21.

This shows Baily’s Beads, the phenomena of the sun shining through the mountains and craters on the surface of the moon, named after Francis Baily who explained the phenomenon in 1836.

Photo Credit: Steve Kasper

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2017 Eclipse Solar Prominences

A second image of the 2017 Solar eclipse from just south of Casper, Wyoming on August 21.  This image prominently shows prominences.  The one that streams out the furthest from the sun’s surface is about 35,000 miles.  The earth would easily fit within this distance!

Photo Credit: Steve Kasper

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Beautiful 2017 Eclipse Corona

I wanted to share this image I took of the total solar eclipse just south of Casper, WY on August 21, 2017. What is unique about the image is the delicate texture in the sun’s corona, especially the tendrils emanating from top (from either side of a prominence) and the apparent twisting of the corona at about the 7 o’clock position.

Photo Credit: Steve Kasper

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Weather Affected Eclipse View

Albuquerque was very cloudy on eclipse day. The clouds cleared briefly near max eclipse then closed in at max. I took pictures with 500 mm lens (DSLR Olympus E-620) through double layer aluminized mylar (made for solar observing) then just through clouds with no filter.

Photo Credit: Curtis Smith

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Eclipse Through the Overcast

While many wanted clear skies to view the eclipse, I found that the overcast skies here in Lynn Haven Florida gave me a great opportunity to take a couple pictures without special camera lens or skills… other than trying to hold the camera steady!

Photo Credit: Dennis

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Ring of Fire

This photograph of the august 21st Total Eclipse was taken with a Nikon D7500 DSLR about 50 miles west of Paulina, Oregon at the Deep Creek Campground in the Ochoco National Forest.  I was initially disappointed in the result, but closer inspection of the image on a larger display revealed I had captured a beautiful image of the Solar Prominences!

Photo Credit: Anthony Watts

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