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Smokey View of the Sun at the Beach

Sparkly reflections on the water from the orange sun (due to the Whittier fire) near Mesa Lane at the beach, Santa Barbara, CA.  Friday July 14th, 2017

Photo Credit: Coleen Van Nostrand

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Nevada in April

Carson Valley in April.

Location: Genoa, Nevada

Date: 04-14-04

Photographer: Victor Parker

Turkish Sunset

Autumn, just after the rain

Anatolian side of Istanbul, Moda Pier….

Orange Thunderstorm

Thunderstorm clouds dissipating at sunset

Sunset on the Great Salt Lake

North end of The Great Salt Lake, Utah.

River was exposed due to drought. Lake is 15 feet below normal level.

Location: The Great Salt Lake, Utah

Date: November, 200

Photographer: Christopher Howeth

Sunset over the Pacific

Railroad Sunset

Looking down the railroad tracks at the sunset from the summit street crossing in Charlotte, North Carolina

Date: September 2003

Photographer: Chuck Hemrick

Rain Clouds at Sunset

Location: Madera, California

Date: March, 2003

Photographer: Linda Wisener

Sunset Volcano

Spectacular clouds at sunset over a dormant volcano mimick an eruption.

Location: Argentinian Andes near Fiambalà town, altitude apx. 3,500 mt a.s.l..

Date: January, 1995

Photographer: Claudio De Felice, MD

Jumping into the Sunset

A youth spots his landing as he jumps off the popular rock at Waimea Bay on the North shore of Oahu. I had been shooting real estate all day and stopped off at the beach to relax. I had one shot left on my CF card and this was the result.

Location: Waimea Bay on Oahu’s North Shore, Hawaii

Date: 08-16-03

Photographer: Dave Tonnes

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