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Stunning Evening Sky

Stunning evening sky seen from 51°34’05.9″N 1°17’10.2″W on 27 September 2018. (As far as I can determine this is near Chilton, England, ed.)

Photo Credit: Peter Groves

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Beautiful Sunset

I was in my shop doing some work and looked out and saw this beautiful fall evening sky. I say it is Gods creation. Brother in Law told my Niece it was God’s Paintings.

Photo Credit: Robert Fulks

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Awesome Washington State Sunset

Winter Sunset, Lopez Island, Washington, USA. The winter sun sets behind San Juan Island, lighting up heavy cloud cover from underneath. I shot the photo January 30, 2015, with a Canon PowerShot S2 IS. This image is straight from the camera without any retouching or cropping.

We see many stunning sunsets in the San Juan Islands. Some attribute this to the fact that the sun sets behind the frequently rainy west shore of Vancouver Island, BC. They get the rain; we get the refraction.

Photo Credit: John Polstra

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