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#shelfie Awesome shelf cloud in Green Bay

Shelf_cloud-GreenBayAdding a wide angle lens ads a whole new dimension to this image. Another great shot of shelf cloud moving across waters of Green Bay. Photo by David Troup. (via Rick Smith on Twitter).

Full sized image below.

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Thunderstorm optical effect at sunset

GreatBendTstormSubmitted by Steven Fox

Thunderstorm moving in during sunset.

Taken in Great Bend, KS

July 7, 2014.  8:33 PM

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Supercell thunderstorm over the northern Sandhills of Nebraska with tornado

supercell_oMike Umscheid Photography posts on Facebook this spectacular image

Distant tornado from an amazing supercell thunderstorm over the northern Sandhills of Nebraska, west of Merriman, on 17 June 2014

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Supercell thunderstorm with lightning

Title: Supercell Thunderstorm. Submitted by: Glenn A. Marsch, Prof. Physics, Grove City College

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Black Forest storms

When the weather conditions are right the Black Forest in southern Germany can turn into a thunderstorm factory. This picture shows three cells in various stages of development, all matured into thunderstorms over the rest of the day. The view is taken from just across the border in northern Switzerland.  Image by Neil Jones.

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Snapshot of Joplin thunderstorm that spawned deadly tornado

This satellite image with overlay shows the moment that the storm reached maximum intensity.

The city of Joplin, MO is reeling after a powerful tornado spun through a densely populated part of town on Sunday May 22nd. This image, from GOES East satellite at 2345UTC, shows the storm system moments before spawning the tornado, estimated to have struck shortly before 6:00 pm CST. Many houses, school buildings and the St. John Medical Center sustained major damage.

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Big Dipper with thunderstorm

May 19th, 2011 Stars of Ursa Major (the Big Dipper) constellation over a cumulounimbus cloud with some lightning. Taken with a Panasonic DMC-TZ1 camera, 30 sec. exposure, ISO-80. Location: Maracaibo, Venezuela. Image by Henry Mendt
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Storm sandwich, hold the Mayo

Image: Jesse Lamsam - click to enlarge

Taken in Rochester, MN in July of 2010. A good summer storm was rolling through – a terrific cloud formation stretched over the downtown area looked like a dramatic moment to me. Mayo Clinic buildings seen off to the right.

Arcus cloud from a thunderstorm

click to enlarge - image by Scott Gates

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Dangerous storm system in the southeast USA

Click to enlarge - warning large image 3600 x 3000 pixels


A low pressure area currently over northern Illinois and southern Wisconsin has created conditions that call for a forecast of severe weather in the eastern third of the U.S. today and one area is even labeled “high risk.” The GOES-13 Satellite captured a visible image of the system today as daytime heating was boiling up strong and severe thunderstorms. Read the rest of this entry