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Double Vortex Tornado in Riverside California

Note the vertical vortex coming from the base of the thunderstorm along with the second larger vortex in what is called the “rope” phase.

A tornado touched down in Riverside on Thursday May 22nd, 2008. The National Weather Service said at 4:38 p.m. Thursday that Doppler radar was tracking a tornado moving south near Moreno Valley in Riverside County. It was all part a an intense late spring weather system which lashed Southern California on Thursday with fierce thunderstorms that unleashed mudslides in wildfire-scarred canyons, spawned this tornado and dusted mountains and even low-lying communities with snow and hail. (photo from The Associated Press)

Approaching Thunderstorm


This picture was taken of an approaching thunderstorm. It looked like a cottonsky! The clouds are cumulonimbus mammatus which often accompany violent thunderstorms.
Location: Sun City, Arizona. Date: September, 2002
Photographer: Greg Banfield aka Motoman