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Lake Tahoe Waterspout

This photo is of a Waterspout Tornado on Lake Tahoe. This is an extremely rare location for a  Tornado. The dark swirling clouds produced a small band of intense rain followed by the formation of the Waterspout. The water can be seen moving vertically attempting to reach up to the “finger” reaching down from the clouds above. Cool stuff!  September 13, 2017

Photo Credit:  Shane Suffriti

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Supercell thunderstorm over the northern Sandhills of Nebraska with tornado

supercell_oMike Umscheid Photography posts on Facebook this spectacular image

Distant tornado from an amazing supercell thunderstorm over the northern Sandhills of Nebraska, west of Merriman, on 17 June 2014

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Twin Tornadoes on the Ground!

coker_dual_tornadoesStunning photo of dual tornadoes within a mile of each other on June 16th, 2014

Photo taken by stormchaser Matt Coker.

You have to see this to believe it!

Full size photo below:


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Snapshot of Joplin thunderstorm that spawned deadly tornado

This satellite image with overlay shows the moment that the storm reached maximum intensity.

The city of Joplin, MO is reeling after a powerful tornado spun through a densely populated part of town on Sunday May 22nd. This image, from GOES East satellite at 2345UTC, shows the storm system moments before spawning the tornado, estimated to have struck shortly before 6:00 pm CST. Many houses, school buildings and the St. John Medical Center sustained major damage.

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EF5 Tornado hits Tuscaloosa, AL

SKY CAM Footage of the Tuscaloosa Tornado on April 27th 2011

Cold Air Funnel Cloud

This is a cold air funnel cloud I happened to catch on my way home from work.

Location: Breese, Illinois

Date: 06-13-03

Photographer: Mark Hellige

Occluded Mesocyclone Tornado

Occluded mesocyclone tornado. Occluded means old circulation on a storm; this tornado was forming while the new circulation was beginning to form the tornadoes which preceeded the F5 Oklahoma City tornado.

Location: 7 miles south of Anadarko, Oklahoma

Photo Date: May 3, 1999

Credit: OAR/ERL/National Severe Storms Laboratory (NSSL)

Oklahoma Tornado

Tornado pops out of a wall cloud in large supercell

Location: Alfalfa, Oklahoma

Date: May 22, 1981

Credit: NOAA Photo Library

Texas Tornado

Dimmitt, TX Tornado

Date: June 2, 1995

Photographer: Harald Richter

Credit: NOAA Photo Library

Tornado Over Chicago

Tornado over Chicago.

Date: 08-04

Photographer: David Wilson

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