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‘Light Speed’ clouds at sunset

light_streakcloudsCalvin Owen Jones writes:

To capture this image, my camera’s shutter was open for about five minutes, creating the cool “light-speed” effect of the clouds as they rolled by. I took this photo near Vancouver, BC, Canada.


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Orange Thunderhead

Thunderhead highlighted by sun setting

North Liberty, IA

New Orleans at Night

Downtown New Orleans at night.

Location: New Orleans, Louisiana

Date: 03-21-02

Photographer: Jim Kirk

Nevada in April

Carson Valley in April.

Location: Genoa, Nevada

Date: 04-14-04

Photographer: Victor Parker

Turkish Sunset

Autumn, just after the rain

Anatolian side of Istanbul, Moda Pier….

Snow Blue

Snowblue- presents a contrast by the backlighted deep blue ky against the snow covered limbs of a crab apple tree after a wet, 5 inch snow in the northern mountains of western North Carolina.

Location: South of Bakersville, North Carolina

Date: 02-08-03

Photographer: Doug Sudduth

Multiple Lightning

Mulitple cloud to ground and cloud to cloud lightning strikes from thunderstorm

Orange Thunderstorm

Thunderstorm clouds dissipating at sunset

Night Storm Clouds

Night sky, storm coming in.

Location: Madera, California
Date: March, 2003
Photographer: Linda Wisener

Storm Cloud



A storm that made its way through our area in June.

Location: Shakopee, Minnesota

Date: June, 2003

Photographer: Christina Bowker