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Cloud Looks Like a Mushroom

Taken June 13th, 2018, 1:00 PM from Olde Stage Road, 5 mi NW of Boulder, CO

Picture is of a failed cumulonimbus cloud, resembling a mushroom cloud.

Photo Credit: Med Bennett

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Airborn Pollen

This image is from the afternoon of 5/21/18. I’ve been flying since 1973 and this is the first time I’ve seen this much pollen or any while airborne. I heard a pilot on the frequency speaking to ATC and he mentioned flying through it and coughing & sneezing. As I flew south at 4500’ between McGuire Airforce base and Atlantic City NJ I saw it. I stayed to the west of the bloom. The day was beautiful VFR (visual flight rules) with a few scattered clouds.

Photo Credit: Arnie Itzkowitz

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Dramatic Dawn in Arizona

This photo of a dramatic dawn was taken North of Williams, AZ on March 22 at 6:23 am by myself. The two stacked clouds on the leeward side of the San Francisco Peaks, appear to be lenticular clouds. The photo is not enhanced in any way. I was so taken by the colors, I had to grab my camera and capture them.

Photo Credit: Lyle W. Hancock

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