Arizona Sunset and Lightning

Mountain biking the Apache Wash trail system during the monsoon season. Sunset in North Phoenix, Arizona . Notice the lightning bolt to the north. The temperature was a cool 104f (40c) with humidity in the mid 80% range.

Photo Credit: Steve Graber

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New Orleans Sunrise

Sunrise over the Mississippi River on 17 June 2018.
Woke up in our hotel room just in time to catch the arrival of a rather large cruise ship as the sun was rising over the French Quarter in New Orleans.

Photo Credit: Thierry Copie

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Interesting Cloud With Feathers

Hereby a picture of a special feather-structured cloud with the sun shining through it. The little cloud left below is a remnant of an ‘airplane produced trail’. The picture is made about 20 km from Schiphol Airport, Amsterdam, the Netherlands, today around midday. The cloud was more or less above my head. Today was a day with more feather-structured high clouds in the air, quite different from the straight trails made by airplanes.
Perhaps the picture is suited for your ‘Picture of the Day’ series.
Photo Credit: Wim Röst, The Netherlands
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