Massive Storm Front

Morning storm front moving through Bloomington, Illinois, July 17, 2016

Photo Credit: Daniel Keefe

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Sunset over the Dolomites

Anti Crepuscular rays over the Dolomites on the evening of the 27 August 2016.  A thunderstorm cell popped up in front of the setting sun and made those rays possible.

Photo Credit: Bastian Werner

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Golden Sunrise in Delta British Columbia

I waited a very long time for the right conditions for this shot… I was coming off shift early on a weekend morning, so the sun was just coming up, tide was beginning to roll in which attracted the Great Blue Herons to feed, and just enough cloud to create rays.
Taken in Delta, BC, near Roberts Bank where I work. June 4, 2017

Photo Credit: Warren Lowe

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#shelfie Awesome shelf cloud in Green Bay

Shelf_cloud-GreenBayAdding a wide angle lens ads a whole new dimension to this image. Another great shot of shelf cloud moving across waters of Green Bay. Photo by David Troup. (via Rick Smith on Twitter).

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Stunning Aurora from Iceland

aurora_icelandParag Mahajani writes:

Aurora is a glow caused by the interaction of Solar wind particles with the molecules of Earth’s Atmosphere.

This spectacular aurora was visible on 27th February 2014, from Iceland, South of Reykjavik.

The photo was taken with a DSLR Canon 550D and a fixed 50 mm lens.

The exposure was varied from 15 seconds to 50 seconds and the image is a HDR.

The time was around mid-night and temperature was nearly zero degrees C.

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Awesome rainbow

awesomerainbowThey don’t get much more stunning than this one. Taken by Holly Neil on 8-22-2014 from her back yard in Farmington, New Mexico.

She writes: I thought I saw an angel at the top of the rainbow when I took the photo! At least it’s not on a piece of toast!

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Unusual photo: Lightning AND a Rainbow at the same time

RainbowLightningDavid Marrero submits this one:

Sunset rainbow rainbow rays and a lightning strike all in one shot. I used my iPhone 5c
Belle Glade Fl August 7 2014

Thanks David, that’s pretty unique!

Full size image below:

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Thunderstorm optical effect at sunset

GreatBendTstormSubmitted by Steven Fox

Thunderstorm moving in during sunset.

Taken in Great Bend, KS

July 7, 2014.  8:33 PM

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Supercell thunderstorm over the northern Sandhills of Nebraska with tornado

supercell_oMike Umscheid Photography posts on Facebook this spectacular image

Distant tornado from an amazing supercell thunderstorm over the northern Sandhills of Nebraska, west of Merriman, on 17 June 2014

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Twin Tornadoes on the Ground!

coker_dual_tornadoesStunning photo of dual tornadoes within a mile of each other on June 16th, 2014

Photo taken by stormchaser Matt Coker.

You have to see this to believe it!

Full size photo below:


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