Comet Hayukate

comet hayukate
comet hayukate

Clear night, time exposed photo of Comet Hayukate through the tree in my back yardRural Hall, North Carolina


Photographer: Chuck Hemrick



Moonrise across the head of Gulf St Vincent from Port Clinton. Unusually calm waters due to a very calm day.

Port Clinton looking East, North East towards Port Wakefield.

Photographer: Craig Watson, Adelaide, South Australia


Tornado. Hooker, OK. May 5, 1993.

Photographer/Owner: Martin Lisius

Details: This was one of several tornadoes produced by one of the longest-lived supercells I’ve intercepted. It tracked through three states including Texas, Oklahoma and Kansas. I witnessed three tornadoes on the ground for a combined duration of nearly two hours.

Affiliations: Prairie Pictures’ StormStock and Tempest Tours, Inc.


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