Mt. Pleasant Sunset

Sunset in my backyard in Mt. Pleasant WI.

Photo Credit: Crystal Stewart

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Gravity Waves

(GOETHE UNIVERSITY FRANKFURT) Gravity waves form in the atmosphere as a result of destabilizing processes, for example at weather fronts, during storms or when air masses stroke over mountain ranges. They can occasionally be seen in the sky as bands of cloud. For weather forecast and climate models, however, they are mostly ‘invisible’ due to their short wavelength.

Photo Credit: Gerd Baumgarten

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Lake Tahoe Waterspout

This photo is of a Waterspout Tornado on Lake Tahoe. This is an extremely rare location for a  Tornado. The dark swirling clouds produced a small band of intense rain followed by the formation of the Waterspout. The water can be seen moving vertically attempting to reach up to the “finger” reaching down from the clouds above. Cool stuff!  September 13, 2017

Photo Credit:  Shane Suffriti

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