Arkansas Lightning

Arkansa Lightning

“When I got off work one evening, it was one of our typical “tornado weather” days. I got a wild notion to go up on the roof of our 3 story building and see if I could get a good night shot of the church and maybe get a little lightning with it. I used a Pentax PZ1P 35 mm camera, using Kodak Gold 200 print film. I used several different settings on bulb or very long exposure.”


The Gateway Arch

St. Louis Arch


Taken just after sunset behind St. Louis and The Gateway Arch. Light clouds forming in the sky behind the buildings on the right side of the photo.

Location: St. Louis, Missouri
Date: December, 2003

Photographer: Thomas R. Quinn


2006 Severe Weather Event

Severe Weather

Event Headlines –
…The National Weather Service in Raleigh issued 26 Severe Thunderstorm Warnings on Monday, April 3, 2006…
…The severe weather came in three waves with the first wave arriving around daybreak and the second wave arriving around mid morning to midday…
…The most significant wave of severe weather arrived during the late afternoon and early evening…

Photos courtesy of Mike Shumate


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