Golden Moon


Golden Moon

Location: Mars, Pennsylvania

Date: 04-26-02

Photographer: Arlene Geibel


Sunset Storm

Super cell thunderstorm

2 minute exposure of a super cell thunderstorm. The tornado sirens at Sheppard Air Force Base were sounded when the 80+ mph winds hit the base. Notice the inflow of the clouds into the bottom of the super cell…

Location: Wichita Falls, Texas

Date: May 2000

Photographer: Mark Papak

Smile in the Snow

Smile in the snow

This picture was taken early Sunday Morning, the 2nd of March 2003 after several weeks of higher than average snow above Dillon Reservoir. The reservoir is far below the level it should be because of the severe drought in Colorado. It looks like the mountains are rejoicing and enjoying the new thick blanket of snow.

Photographer: Janell Brauer, Middle School Teacher


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