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Submitting YOUR picture to Weather Picture Of The Day:

We welcome submissions from all over the world, from anyone with a camera! We look for unique pictures of weather and weather phenomena, or the results of weather on planet earth. This can be anything from sunrises/sunsets to severe weather, or severe weather damage, or even simple scenes such as snow drifting into a unique pattern, or dew on the grass. Anything goes! We welcome submissions from amateur as well as professional photographers.

Its Fast and Easy to submit your picture to WPOTD Please read on…

How it works: Once we receive your submission, our three staff members will evaluate it, compare it to other submissions, and choose the “weather picture of the day” from those submissions.

Be a winner! –The picture chosen will be given full credit to the photographer, a description of the photo subject, and if needed embellishment by our staff meteorologist to identify a phenomenon, and other pertinent info. The next day (or Monday if its a weekend) the photo will be placed into our blog for others to enjoy or to locate when searching for photos of a certain type. Then in the near future, we plan to offer “Weather Picture of the Month” and “Weather Picture of the Year” contests that may contain valuable prizes from such as weather stations, weather instruments, etc.

There are just a few simple rules that you have to follow to make a submission to us. We do want to make it easy, but like anything, we just have to follow some guidelines to keep everything fair.

Most important items:

  • Pictures must be submitted electronically via the internet– we cannot accept prints or negatives, or CD ROMS, or floppy disks.
  • Pictures must be submitted in the JPEG photo format only – please no other formats. When submitting, be careful not to “over compress” the JPEG image and thus cause a loss of image quality. Most programs allow control of this value, we recommend no greater than a 25% setting. Always err on the side of quality.
  • Pictures should be at least 640×480 resolution, either vertically or horizontally oriented. We can accept larger resolutions, but please keep the images you submit to no greater than 2048 x 2048 pixels.
  • Preference is given to pictures that show the highest quality and the most unique subject– so give us your best shot!

Other items:

  • Pictures submitted to WPOTD must be an original work, no images scanned from magazines, newspapers etc will be accepted. By submitting a picture, the submitter guarantees that the picture submitted is free of any copyright restrictions.
  • Pictures, once submitted, are automatically granted a usage license to WPOTD, for use on the website, email/picturemail, and optionally our screensavers. Credit will always be given to the author in any usage.
  • Submission does not guarantee a use on WPOTD, only the best pictures will be used as determined by our staff.
  • In the case of duplicate submissions (such as pictures of the same weather event from different locations) preference will be given to the submission of the best quality, not the submission that arrived first
  • Successful WPOTD submissions are chosen based on picture quality, composition, color balance, and completeness of submission. For example, if you don’t provide basic info about the image, its location, date (even if approximate) etc. we can’t use it. No anonymous submissions will be accepted.
  • No hidden or subliminal messages may be buried in the imagery, and no images that appear to be misleading in content i.e. designed to portray some message, or religious, political, or pornographic theme will be used.
  • Pictures that have obviously been significantly digitally altered (beyond simple color correction, scratch and dust removal, cropping) or composites from other images to produce a false or misleading result will be rejected.

Thats it! If you agree to the above items, and would like to submit a picture to us, use the form below.


If you have your photo hosted somewhere like, Facebook, Photobucket or Flickr, or TinyPic, you can simply send a web link to the photo using our contact form below.

If you don’t have an online account with any of these services, we recommend using TinyPic as it is FREE and requires NO SIGNUP. Simply upload your photo and copy the URL into the form below. It is that simple.


Alternate Method

EMAIL with picture attachment or web link

Send us an email with your picture attached and information to: wpotd (- a t -) sbcglobal “dot” net

(NOTE: the email address is flummoxed to prevent automated S P A M from coming our way, simply type it in to your email address using the appropriate syntax like )

Be sure to include:

  • Your name and affiliation if any:
  • Your email address: (will not be published – just for our records)
  • Location of photograph:
  • Date of photograph (even if approximate)
  • Details about the photo (such as what it is, why its unique, what caused it, etc. Basically any info you can provide
  • Then MOST IMPORTANTLY attach your JPEG format photograph to the email and send it to: wpotd (- a t -) sbcglobal “dot” net
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